I just wanna be famous – social media & narcissism

In 2013, the word ‘selfie’ made it to the Oxford Dictionary. Paris Hilton claims to be the pioneer of this phenomena. However, Robert Cornelius, an American pioneer of photography, produced the first ever self-portrait in 1839. Credit where credit’s due. He selfie’d before it was a thing. The 2005 era of ‘selfie sticks’ seems passé. However, selfieContinue reading “I just wanna be famous – social media & narcissism”

Gaslighting – it’s not me, it’s YOU

Gaslighting originated from a 1938 psychological thriller written by British playwright Patrick Hamilton called Gas Light. The film adaptation Gaslight was released in 1940 and 1944, starring Oscar nominated actress Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer.  In the movie, husband Gregory, psychologically manipulates his wife Paula into believing she can no longer trust her own perceptions of reality. As the movieContinue reading “Gaslighting – it’s not me, it’s YOU”

Why stalking is not flattery

There is nothing romantic about someone who is unwilling to leave you alone, in fact, it is not only scary, but illegal. According to the American Psychology Association, stalking is defined as the following: “a pattern of following or observing a person in an obsessional, intrusive, or harassing manner. The pursued individual is typically a partner fromContinue reading “Why stalking is not flattery”

“Ah, sorry to hear”

A lot of people assume that going to therapy is the same thing as having a friendly ‘chat’ with a friend. Some people also don’t believe that going to therapy is necessary since they have a great support network. Others just assume that therapy requires laying down with your eyes shut. Okay – this mayContinue reading ““Ah, sorry to hear””

Relationship drama – it takes three to tango

To have a relationship with someone does not necessarily mean it is a ‘romantic relationship’. Life is all about relationships! The relationship you have with your mother, your father, your neighbour, your work colleague..the list goes on. The depth and type of relationship however, always differs. Some relationships are healthy while others are dysfunctional. InterferingContinue reading “Relationship drama – it takes three to tango”

Counselling vs. Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy may be considered as ‘the same thing’ and are often used interchangeably, however, this is not the case. They are both forms of talking therapies yet targeted towards different needs. Below I explain the main differences: Counselling: Beneficial for short-term, problem focussed situations. For example: Bereavement (loss of a loved one) LossContinue reading “Counselling vs. Psychotherapy”

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